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Membership and Special Projects

The department is responsible for the acquisition and full integration of new exchange members (producers, traders, processors, buyers, brokers, etc.) from all GCX targeted commodity value chains as well as the retention of current members stimulating them to do more business with the exchange, including the generation of revenue from membership. Lead the exchange in identifying and building productive strategic relationships and partnerships (including but not limited to the government of Ghana, developmental organizations, NGOs, Investors, media, public, etc.) as well as maintaining existing partnerships.

Oversee the execution of special projects the Exchange initiates or is a part of.




Corporate Affairs & Communications

The department is responsible for communications within and outside of the company. Working closely with other internal stakeholders, the media, and government relations, across all lines of corporate communication and implementing fully the communication strategy of the Exchange. Interacting with all GCX stakeholder groups with the view of informing them about the GCX operations, promoting the image and goodwill of the exchange, as well as coordinating agency activities.

Raising public awareness of GCX's work and maintaining a positive corporate image through the implementation of advertising, social media, and marketing campaigns, including coverage across all mediums including newspaper, television, radio, mobile SMS applications, and online social media sites.

Internal Audit

The department is responsible for reviewing the entire operations of the Exchange to assess the effectiveness of internal controls and risk management practices of the Exchange.

The department further issues independent, objective, and assurance reports on compliance, performance, and integrity of the financial statements of the Exchange for management and audit committee. The department follows up on both internal and external recommendations to ensure that they are fully implemented by management. The department also mediates between the Exchange and other regulatory bodies.

Information Technology and Information Systems

The department is responsible for providing vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology initiatives and to direct the planning and implementation of market data in support of Exchange operations, to create and maintain a technology strategy for the Exchange based on an in-depth understanding of the business processes and information flows in a way that ensures that the business strategy and IT investments are aligned.


The department is responsible for the coordination of the activities of the technical team.

Trading Operations, Central Depository & Market Surveillance

The department is responsible for the Exchange’s trading activities, processes, data management, transaction reporting, and management of backroom activities. Coordination of deposits and deliveries with the warehouses and the Exchange’s clearing system, including creation, approval, and management of electronic warehouse receipt accounting, issuing delivery notices to and receiving pick-up notices from Members, and controlling all electronic information flow with the warehouses.

 Analyze all trading and speculative positions and examine the relationship between trading activity on the Exchange and fundamental factors in the cash market to prevent price distortions or market manipulation. Research commodities traded on the Exchange, review daily trade data, and reports on the fundamental economic factors affecting the trading of each commodity.


Risk and Partnerships

The department is responsible for identifying, analyzing, quantifying, and mitigating all risks to be suffered by the exchange which includes risk to market participants. The department is also responsible for leading in building strategic partnerships with other organizations both locally and internationally.


Warehouse Operations and Quality Control

The department is responsible for the overall development of the warehouse operator's physical delivery management system including sampling, weighing, grading, inventory management, stock controls, treatment of goods, and overall warehouse operations. Assist in the development of Exchange procedures and guidelines concerning Warehouse Operators, joint liability, performance guarantees and monitoring, exception handling, indemnity measures, and other matters. Responsible for the full operations of the warehouse receipts system in all warehouses. 

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